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Revised Meeting Agenda

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Changes to the original agenda are noted with an asterisk "*".

City Council meetings are live streamed at Members of the public who wish to delegate at this meeting may do so by electronic participation. Please note that this meeting will be held remotely as Council Chambers is unavailable due to renovations.

To listen to the meeting over the phone, call 1-416-216-5643 and enter access code 2332 793 3102.

This meeting will be held by Electronic Participation in accordance with City of Guelph Procedural By-law (2021)-20649, as amended.

Members of the public who have an interest in delegating to item 8.1 - Town of Kingsville Resolution: Opposition to Bill 3, Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022 may register up until 10:00 a.m. on Monday, September  12, 2022. 

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  • Recommendation:

    That the Council of the City of Guelph now hold a meeting that is closed to the public, pursuant to the Municipal Act, to consider:

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof (closed items)


Confirmation of Minutes for the closed Council and Committee of the Whole meetings held June 27, and July 4 and 18, 2022.


2022 Chief Administrative Officer Performance Evaluation


Section 239(2)(b) and (d) of the Municipal Act, related to personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees, and labour relations or employee negotiations.

Blue Box Transition Update - 2022-289


Section 239(2)(d) of the Municipal Act relating to labour relations or employee negotiations.

Leslie Muñoz, Manager, Policy and Intergovernmental Relations

City of Guelph:
Heather Yates, Supervisor, Environmental Programs
Nathan Siniowski, Supervisor, Water Treatment and Maintenance
Tara Roumeliotis, Acting Manager, Technical Services (Water)
Dave Belanger, Senior Hydrogeologist, Environmental Services

AECOM Canada Ltd:
Matt Alexander
Richard Hope

City of Guelph:
Wayne Galliher, Division Manager, Water Services
Scott Cousins, Hydrogeologist, Environmental Services
Emily Stahl, Manager, Technical Services (Water)
Albanie Douglas, Hydrogeologist, Environmental Services
Dave Belanger, Senior Hydrogeologist, Environmental Services

AECOM Canada Ltd:
Matt Alexander

The following resolutions have been prepared to facilitate Council’s consideration of various matters and are suggested for consideration. If Council wishes to address a specific report in isolation of the Consent Agenda, please identify the item. It will be extracted and dealt with separately as part of the Items for Discussion.

  • Recommendation:
    1. That the City of Guelph does not pursue Circular Materials Ontario’s current (as of July 4, 2022) interim contract to perform residence and facility collection of Blue Box materials on Circular Materials Ontario’s behalf from January 1, 2025 to December 31, 2025;
    2. That the City does not pursue Circular Materials Ontario’s Request for Proposals 2022-03 for receiving facilities;
    3. That the City does not pursue Circular Materials Ontario’s upcoming Request for Proposals for residence and facility collection;
    4. That the City does not pursue Circular Materials Ontario’s upcoming Requests for Proposals for post-collection facilities;
    5. That staff be authorized to negotiate and execute agreements with Producer Responsibility Organizations for other scopes of work related to Blue Box services, if required, to ensure continuity of services to residents, and within existing budget, in each case to the satisfaction of the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services and the City Solicitor.

The following items have been extracted from the Committee of the Whole Consent Report and the Council Consent Agenda and will be considered separately. These items have been extracted either at the request of a member of Council or because they include a presentation and/or delegations.

Councillor Gordon will speak to this item.

*Susan Watson
*David Douglas
*Tanya Gevaert
*Danny Drew
*Lin Grist

*Danny Drew

Lorelei Root, Chair, Accessibility Advisory Committee

  • Recommendation:
    1. That Council approve Phase 1 of the updated Single-Use Items Reduction Strategy as presented in the Solid Waste Management Master Plan Recommendations staff report on April 4, 2022, with changes that align with the Government of Canada’s recently released Single-Use Plastics Prohibition Regulations and the proposed new Single-Use Items By-law (2022) - 20701.

A by-law in respect of single-use plastic shopping bags and certain other harmful single-use items within the City of Guelph so as to further the environmental well-being of the City of Guelph.

A by-law to confirm the proceedings of a meeting of Guelph City Council held September 14, 2022.

A by-law to amend By-law Number (2015) - 19985, as amended, being a by-law respecting Building, Demolition, Conditional, Change of Use and Occupancy Permits, Payment of Fees, Inspections, Appointment of Inspectors and a Code of Conduct.

A by-law to repeal and replace By-law (2009) - 18874, being a by-law to regulate the operations of the Guelph Farmers’ Market.

Please provide any announcements, to the Mayor in writing, by 12 noon on the day of the Council meeting.