Special City Council
Revised Meeting Agenda

Remote meeting live streamed
on guelph.ca/live

Changes to the original agenda are noted with an asterisk "*". 

To contain the spread of COVID-19, City Council meetings are being held electronically and can be live streamed at guelph.ca/live.

For alternate meeting formats, please contact the City Clerk's Office at clerks@guelph.ca or 519-822-1260 extension 5603.

This meeting will be held by Electronic Participation in accordance with the City of Guelph Procedural By-law (2020)-20515.

*Summary of Council and Senior Staff Interviews from Watson and Associates Economists Ltd. has been included with the revised agenda.

Scott Stewart, Chief Administrative Officer
Stephen O'Brien, General Manager, City Clerk's Office/City Clerk
Dr. Robert Williams

*Peter Hamtak
*Susan Watson
*Claudia Espindola
*Ron East, The Council of Canadians
*Morgan Dandie-Hannah
*John Lawson, Old University Neighbourhood Residents' Association
*Horeen Hassan, Central Students' Association, University of Guelph
*Lin Grist
*Ken MacKay, Fair Vote Guelph
*Hugh Whiteley 
*Jason Blokhuis
*Tanja Gevaert
*Adriano Salvatore
*Diane Hurst
*Steve Dyck

*Wynne Wright, *Phyllis Paroshy, *Susan Watson, *Ted Bangay, *Dan Maitland, *Sheila O'Reilly, *Marsaye Treen, *Natasha Pravaz, *Gordon Framst, *Jane Thornton, *Katie Saunders, *Barbara Mathews, *Will Lenssen, *Karen Morris, *Margaret Abbink, *Janet Wood, *David J.A. Douglas, *Lorraine Pagnan, *Wade A. Van Der Kraak, *Dr. G. Brent Angell, *Elly Pond, *Teresa McKeeman, *Francis Papillon, *Kevin Bowman, *Gillian Maurice, *Sam Stevenson, *Scott Frederick, *Hugh Whiteley, *Dunja Lukic, *Diane Hurst, *Steve Dyck

  • Recommendation:

    The following recommendations have been provided by Watson and Associates Economists Ltd., the independent third-party expert contracted by the City of Guelph to complete the City Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review:

    1. That Guelph City councillors be elected in a ward system.

    2. That one City councillor be elected per ward.

    3. That Guelph City Council be comprised of eight councillors plus the Mayor.

    4. That the employment status of City councillors be full time.

    The following recommendations have been provided by City staff:

    5. That phase two of the City Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review, being the Ward Boundary Review, proceed based on the establishment of eight wards.

    6. That staff be directed to bring forward a City Council composition by-law prior to the 2022 municipal election following the adoption of a ward boundary by-law and the expiration of the ward boundary by-law appeal period.

Resolution to adopt the By-laws (Councillor Allt)

  • Recommendation:

    That By-law Numbered (2020)-20538 is hereby passed.

A by-law to confirm proceedings of a meeting of Guelph City Council held November 5, 2020.