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Revised Meeting Agenda

Council Chambers
Guelph City Hall, 1 Carden Street

Changes to the original agenda are noted with an asterisk "*".

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  • Recommendation:

    That the Council of the City of Guelph now hold a meeting that is closed to the public, pursuant to the Municipal Act, to consider:

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof (closed items)


Confirmation of Minutes for the closed Council meetings held May 30, 2022


Memorandum of Agreement between the City of Guelph and the Canadian Union Public Employees Local 241 and Local 973, 2022-265


Section 239(2) (d) of the Municipal Act, related to labour relations or employee negotiations.

Community Energy Initiative Contract Update


Section 239(2) (k) of the Municipal Act related to a position, plan, procedure, criteria or instruction to be applied to any negotiations carried on or to be carried on by or on behalf of the municipality or local board.

Dominica McPherson, Director, Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination
*Gail Hoekstra, Executive Director, Stepping Stone 
*Kristen Cairney, Program Director, Wyndham House 
*Leisha Burley, Kindle Communities 
*Melissa Kwiatkowski, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Guelph Community Health Centre
*Glenna Banda, Executive Director, United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin

  • Recommendation:

    That the minutes of the open Council Meetings held May 30, 2022, and the Committee of the Whole meeting held June 7, 2022 be confirmed as recorded and without being read.

The following resolutions have been prepared to facilitate Council’s consideration of various matters and are suggested for consideration. If Council wishes to address a specific report in isolation of the Committee of the Whole Consent Report, please identify the item. It will be extracted and dealt with separately as part of the Items for Discussion.

  • Recommendation:
    1. That the Response Time Performance Plan for 2023 be set as recommended by staff.
    2. That Council advocate to the Minister of Health expressing concerns over the Ambulance Offloading Delays at hospitals throughout the Province, and the need for more funding and solutions to alleviate the delays.

The following items have been extracted from the Committee of the Whole Consent Report and the Council Consent Agenda and will be considered separately. These items have been extracted either at the request of a member of Council or because they include a presentation and/or delegations.

*Michael Keegan
*Glenna Banda
*Greg Jones

*JJ Salmon

  • Recommendation:
    1. That City Council respectfully requests quarterly updates from the County on the provision of social services with a focus on homelessness, addiction and mental health issues, including performance reporting and key performance indicators.
    2. That City Council endorse the Ontario's Big City Mayors call for "an emergency meeting with the Province to address the chronic homelessness, mental health, safety, and addictions crisis" in our communities.
    3. That City Council advocate to the Province in support of immediately raising Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program social assistance rates above the poverty line.
    4. That City Council urgently requests Wellington County Council to call an emergency meeting to hear from and respond to community social service providers with respect to urgent needs related to homelessness, mental health and addiction issues.
    5. That City Council respectfully requests that Wellington County work alongside the City of Guelph and other stakeholders to identify any gaps in the existing shelter system with the goal of 24 hour shelter coverage in the City of Guelph and report back by August 2022 with a plan to achieve 24 hour coverage.
    6. That City Council endorse a new sub-committee, Strategic Advisory Group on Downtown Issues, of the Mayor's Taskforce on Homelessness and Community Safety and under the direction of the CAO, that a member of City staff sit on the advisory group for general awareness.
    7. That Council use, one-time unused funds, up to $50,000, from the Mayor and Council training, travel, and conference budget, to be used as recommended by the Strategic Advisory Group on Downtown Issues.

Greg Clark, Manager, Financial Strategy and Long-Term Planning

*Tanya Gevaert
*Morgan Dandie 
*Susan Watson
*Erin Caton
*Laura Murr

*Jennifer Meader 
*Daryl Keleher 
*Lily Merrill 
*Ryan Scott

  • Recommendation:
    1. That the City of Guelph adopt the Community Benefit Charge approach to calculate the charges on a uniform City-wide basis.
    2. That the capital project listing set out in Chapter 4 of the Community Benefit Charge Strategy dated March 31, 2022, be subject to further annual review and amendment during the capital budget process.
    3. That Appendix A of the General Reserve and Reserve Fund Policy be amended to reflect the creation of a special reserve fund account, Community Benefit Charge Reserve Fund (302) subject to the terms and authority as identified in report 2022-125 Community Benefit Charge and Parkland Dedication By-laws.
    4. That the Community Benefit Charge Strategy dated March 31, 2022, be approved (as amended if applicable).
    5. That the Community Benefit Charge By-law as set out in Appendix C of Attachment-1 be approved effective September 18, 2022.
    6. That the Parkland Dedication By-law as attached in Attachment-2 be approved effective September 18, 2022.

Resolution to adopt the By-laws.  (Councillor L. Caron)

  • Recommendation:

    That By-laws numbered (2022) - 20714, (2022) - 20717, (2022) - 20735 and (2022) - 20736 are hereby passed.

A by-law for the imposition of Community Benefits Charges

A By-law to require the conveyance of land for park or other public recreational purposes as a condition of the development or redevelopment of land within the City of Guelph, or the payment of money in lieu of such conveyance, pursuant to the Planning Act, RSO 1990, c P.13, as amended, and to repeal By-laws (2019)-20366 (Parkland Dedication By-law).

A by-law to repeal By-law (2022) – 20730, and amend By-law (2022) – 20698 – Traffic By-law, as amended, being a By-law to regulate the use of Highways within the City of Guelph and the Traffic and Parking thereon

A by-law to confirm the proceedings of a meeting of Guelph City Council held July 18, 2022.

Please provide any announcements, to the Mayor in writing, by 12 noon on the day of the Council meeting.

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