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Changes to the original agenda are noted with an asterisk "*". 

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This meeting will be held by Electronic Participation in accordance with the City of Guelph Procedural By-law (2020)-20515.

  • Recommendation:

    That the Council of the City of Guelph now hold a meeting that is closed to the public, pursuant to the Municipal Act, to consider:

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof

Confirmation of Minutes for the closed Council meetings held July 15 and 20, 2020

104 Oliver Street Purchase - 2020-107

Section 239 (2)(c) of the Municipal Act relating to a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board.

2020 Information Technology Security Report - 2020-88

Section 239 (2)(a) of the Municipal Act relating to the security of the property of the municipality or local board.

(Councillor Goller)

  • Recommendation:

    That the minutes of the open Council Meetings held July 13, 15, 20 and 27, 2020, be confirmed as recorded and without being read.

The following resolutions have been prepared to facilitate Council’s consideration of various matters and are suggested for consideration. If Council wishes to address a specific report in isolation of the Consent Agenda, please identify the item. It will be extracted and dealt with separately as part of the Items for Discussion.

  • Recommendation:
    1. That the Guelph Transit pilot project, as recommended through the Guelph Transit Business Service Review be approved and transitioned into a permanent program through a single source procurement award to RideCo.
  • Recommendation:
    1. That a further financial incentive in the amount of $500,000, funded from the Affordable Housing Reserve, be provided to St. Joseph’s Housing Corporation for the Silver Maple Seniors Community affordable housing project subject to Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation final approval of the National Housing Co-Investment Fund and subject to 2020 funding from the County of Wellington Affordable Rental Housing Development fund.
    2. That staff be directed to enter into an agreement with St Joseph’s Housing Corporation to implement the municipal incentive to the satisfaction of the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Public Services, the City Solicitor, and the Treasurer.
    3. That the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute the Municipal Incentive agreement.
    4. That staff be directed to explore transferring responsibility of distributing the municipal incentive funding for affordable housing in Guelph to the County of Wellington and report back by Q2 of 2021.

The following items have been extracted from the Committee of the Whole Consent Report and the Council Consent Agenda and will be considered separately. These items have been extracted either at the request of a member of Council or because they include a presentation and/or delegations.

(Extracted from the June 26, 2020 Information Items as requested by Mayor Guthrie.)

At the August 12, 2020 Special City Council meeting the following motions were brought forward by members of City Council and are listed below for consideration: 

Councillor Goller:

  1. That the 2021 budget identifies which municipal services are provincially legislated or otherwise mandated, and which municipal services are provided on a discretionary basis, including services that are mandated, but are currently delivered above the mandated service levels.
  2. That the preparation of the 2021 budget match results from the customer satisfaction survey to the delivery of municipal services, to inform decisions about potential changes to service levels.

Councillor Gibson:

That staff include information within the 2021 budget on the impact to the 10 year capital forecast of pausing the compounding 1% infrastructure levy in 2021.

Councillor Billings:

That staff be directed to prepare the 2021 budget with a goal to strive for a 0% budget increase. And that impacts for achieving this goal be presented as further information for Council consideration.

Councillor MacKinnon:

That Guelph City Council respectfully requests the Guelph Library Board to strive for a 0% budget increase for the 2021 budget.

Mayor Guthrie:

Motion related to 2021 non-union employee compensation. (Authority to move into closed meeting under Section 239 (2)(d) of the Municipal Act relating to labour relations or employee negotiations.)

Councillor Hofland's motion for which notice was given August 10, 2020.

That the following motion be referred to the September 8, 2020 Committee of the Whole meeting for consideration:

  1. That the fenced off-leash dog parks at the Peter Misersky park and Bristol Street park be closed until such time as staff have reported back on the feasibility of a fenced dog park located in a non-residential area for consideration in the 2021 budget.

Brenda Walton
Sarah Hollands
Lynn Hamilton
Renee Smith
Chad Hagan
Lynn Tyler
Justine Kraemer
Denese Renaud
Kim Kilpatrick
Gordon Truscott
Amy Fraser
Joy Walker
Caroline Fontaine
Theresa Finamore
Suzanne Symons

Resolution to adopt the By-laws (Councillor Gordon).

Please provide any announcements, to the Mayor in writing, by 12 noon on the day of the Council meeting.

Notice of Motion regarding removing winter overnight parking restrictions provided by Councillor Goller.