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This meeting will be held by Electronic Participation in accordance with City of Guelph Procedural By-Law (2021)-20590.

Members of the public who have an interest in delegating to item 7.1 Notice of Intention to Designate - 785 York Rd may register up until 10:00 a.m. on Monday, June 14, 2021.

You can register as a delegation or submit written comments by contacting the City Clerk’s office by email or phone:

TTY 519-826-9771 (attachments must not exceed 20 MB)

When we receive your registration or written comments, we will send you a confirmation message and instructions for participating in the meeting.

  • Recommendation:

    That the Council of the City of Guelph now hold a meeting that is closed to the public, pursuant to the Municipal Act, to consider:

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof (closed item)

Hanlon Creek Business Park - Potential Land Sale/Offer, 2021-193

Section 239 (2)(c) of the Municipal Act relating to a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board.

The following resolutions have been prepared to facilitate Council’s consideration of various matters and are suggested for consideration. If Council wishes to address a specific report in isolation of the Consent Agenda, please identify the item. It will be extracted and dealt with separately as part of the Items for Discussion.

Staff Presentation:
Ryan Mallory, Planner II Development & Urban Design

Jeff Buisman, on behalf of the applicant, Van Harten Surveying Inc. 

  • Recommendation:
    1. That Report 2021-169 regarding proposed Zoning By-law Amendment application submitted by Van Harten Surveying Inc. on behalf of 2782552 Ontario Ltd. c/o Thomas MacKillop to amend the Zoning By-law for the lands municipally known as 29-31 Fountain Street West, and legally described as All of Lot 175 and Part of Lot 174, Registered Plan 8, PIN 71283-0050, City of Guelph from Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise dated June 14, 2021, be received.

The following items have been extracted from the Committee of the Whole Consent Report and the Council Consent Agenda and will be considered separately. These items have been extracted either at the request of a member of Council or because they include a presentation and/or delegations.


Staff Presentation:
Melissa Aldunate, Manager Policy Planning and Urban Design
Stephen Robinson, Senior Heritage Planner

*Julia Osborne
*Brooke Fry
*Ron East
*Lily Merrill
*John Parkyn
*Eva Wenger
*Jay Wilson
*Susan Watson
*Susan Ratcliffe
*David Alton, Development Manager, Yorklands Green Hub
*Norah Chaloner
*Tanya Gevaert
*Sophia Yanishevsky
*Horeen Hassan, Wellington Water Watchers
*Carol Williams
*Lin Grist
*Ashley Thackaberry
*Cameron Shelley
*P. Brian Skerrett, Chair Heritage Guelph Committee
*Brian Lauder
*Jason Blokhuis
*John Fisher
*Morgan Dandie-Hannah
*Pia Muchaal
*Sandy Clipsham
*Maya Bishop

*Miranda Brunton, Heritage Specialist, Infrastructure Ontario
*Don Mikel
*Sue Rietschin, Guelph Urban Forest Friends
*Brooke Fry 
*P. Brian Skerrett, Chair, Heritage Guelph Committee
*Norah Chaloner 
*Sandy Clipsham
*Cameron Shelley
Alison Ferguson
John and Joan Morley
Kimberley Stark
Ruth Parent
Monica Holland
Liz Teel
Andalyne Tofflemire
Patricia Bell
Ralph and Kathryn Gastmeier
Sandy Nicholls
Carolyn and Don Johns
Dianne  Mackie
Janet Alilovic
Lin Grist
Jacqueline Gilbey
Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg
Hamish Duthie
Lynn C. Allen
*Ian Easterbrook
*Wanda Gordon
*Holly Ponsonby
*Glenn Thompson MSW
*Ian Rankine
*Eva Kuczynski
*Carol Williams
*Kyle Logue
*Lori Labatt
*Sara Sarkar and Steve Chatfield
*Annette and Ron Graydon
*Lisa Demaline
*Lynn Bestari
*Margaret Boyd
*Janice and Ed Gilpin
*Ada Gadoury
*Julie McCann
*Yvonne Runstedler
*Aaron Haddad
*Pat Vanderkooy
*James Bryson
*Barbara Kuczynski
*Vanessa Hyland
*Cecelia Paine
*Lynn Roodbol
*Lisa Lindsay
*Lorraine Pagnan
*Dianne Mackie
*Paul Freudenthaler
*James and Lynne Wilson
*Claudette Halluk
*Jake Lipohar
*Michael Schram
*Linda Liddle
*Joan Eaglesham
*Teresa McKeeman
*Cathy and John Prescott
*Jeanne Forsythe
*Diane Hurst
*Dr. Meg Thorburn
*Trudy Dickinson
*David Wison
*Rosanne Morris
*Susan Funkenhauser 
*Bob Fanning
*Margaret Abbink
*Susan Schappert

  • Recommendation:
    1. That the City Clerk be authorized to publish and serve notice of intention to designate the property known as the Ontario Reformatory at 785 York Road pursuant to section 29, Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.
    2. That the designation by-law for the Ontario Reformatory at 785 York Road be brought before City Council for approval if no objections are received within the thirty (30) day objection period.
    3. That the potential built heritage resources within the property at 785 York Road as identified on Attachment 7 to this report be listed (as non-designated) on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties pursuant to Section 27, Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.
    4. That the potential cultural heritage resources known as the Reformatory quarry area within 110 Dunlop Drive and the Reformatory wooden trestle railway bridge on the Eramosa River, north of Stone Road East, be listed (as non-designated) on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties pursuant to Section 27, Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.
    5. That the potential built heritage resource known as the G. M. Frost Centre located at 328 Victoria Road South be listed (as non-designated) on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties pursuant to Section 27, Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.
    6. That the City Solicitor be directed to prepare a comprehensive Heritage Conservation Easement Agreement to the satisfaction of the General Manager of Planning and Building Services and the City Solicitor to be entered into by the City of Guelph with all future owners of any portion of the real property known as 785 York Road immediately following the sale of the subject property by the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Infrastructure.

Resolution to adopt the By-laws. (Councillor Billings)

  • Recommendation:

    That by-law numbers (2021)-20611 and (2021)-20612, are hereby passed.

A by-law to remove Part Lot Control from Block 99, Plan 61M-200 designated as Parts 1 to 16 inclusive, Reference Plan 61R-21431 in the City of Guelph and to amend by-law (2018)-20324.

A by-law to confirm proceedings of a meeting of Guelph City Council held June 14, 2021.

Please provide any announcements, to the Mayor in writing, by 12 noon on the day of the Council meeting.

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